R.A. Somerby

55 Middagh Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11201
t: 917.803.1700

Dedicated to making spaces work beautifully for families, R. A. Somerby provides a thorough approach to projects. Their Design/Build/Decorate model is conceived on the belief that a creative, thoughtful team working closely together is the ideal way to create an environment where a family can grow and thrive. Collaborating for over 15 years, the design team and key crew work fluidly to ensure that the inital vision for a home is successfully realized, and the end result delivers on every expectation. Their extensive experience working with families helps them antipate the changing needs of their clients. Well-known for their exceptonal standard, R. A. Somerby's diverse projects combine proven techniques with a forward looking aesthetic to achieve contemporary living spaces that withstand the test of time.

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